Main Characteristics

Delicate and complex flavour profile – The higher altitudes and cooler temperatures slow down the growth of tea leaves, resulting in a longer maturation period. This extended growth period allows the tea leaves to develop unique flavours, often described as bright, brisk, and floral, with hints of citrus, honey, and delicate variations.

Bright Liquor and Aroma – When brewed, Ceylon Western High Grown Tea produces a bright and vibrant liquor that is visually appealing. The liquor showcases a beautiful range of amber, golden, or light copper hues. The aroma is often described as fragrant and uplifting, with floral notes that add to the sensory experience.

High Antioxidant Content – Ceylon Western High Grown Tea is rich in antioxidants. These natural compounds are known for their potential health benefits, such as boosting the immune system, promoting heart health, and supporting overall well-being.

Versatility- Ceylon Western High Grown Tea is versatile and suitable for various brewing methods. It can be enjoyed as a hot tea, iced tea, or incorporated into tea blends. The tea leaves are also often used in flavoured teas, infusions, and specialty tea products.

Quality and Consistency- The tea gardens in the western high grown regions adhere to strict quality control standards, ensuring consistency in flavour, aroma, and appearance from batch to batch.


Main Characteristics

Full-Bodied Flavour- The tea produced in the low country regions tends to have a stronger, richer taste compared to high-grown teas. It often exhibits robust and bold flavours, with notes of malt, caramel, and sometimes hints of fruitiness.

Rich and Dark Liquour- When brewed, Low Country Tea yields a rich, dark liquor with deep amber or reddish-brown hues. The colour of the liquor is visually appealing and often an indication of the tea’s strength and intensity.

Strong Aroma- Low Country Tea is characterized by a strong aroma. The brewed tea releases a fragrant bouquet that can be described as malty, earthy, and sometimes with floral undertones. The aroma adds to the overall sensory experience of enjoying a cup of Ceylon Low Country Tea.

Versatility in Blending- Due to its robust flavour and strong character, Ceylon Low Country Tea is often used as a base tea for blending. It provides a solid foundation and harmonizes well with other ingredients, allowing for the creation of unique and balanced tea blends.

Our Tea is available in a wide range of grades, offering options for different preferences and purposes. From broken leaf grades to whole leaf grades, the tea is sorted and categorized based on leaf size, appearance, and quality.