The Structure of Lankem Plantations Sector

The Lankem Plantations sector, which is a part of the Colombo Fort Land & Building PLC (ultimate parent company), encompasses various subsidiaries and operating companies. These include Kotagala Plantations PLC (KPL), Agarapatana Plantations Ltd (APL), Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd (UCPL), Waverly Power (Pvt) Ltd (WPL), Rubber & Allied (Products) Ltd (RAPC), Lankem Developments PLC (LDL), Consolidated Tea Plantations Limited (CTPL) and Lankem Tea & Rubber Plantations (Pvt) Ltd (LTRP).

CTPL serves as the immediate parent company of LTRP, KPL, UCPL and LDL. LTRP is the managing agent of APL and KPL. APL is a subsidiary of LDL, while WPL operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of APL. RAPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of KPL.

Engagement of the Operating Companies

Each operating company with the Lankem Plantations sector has its own unique focus and expertise.

Agarapatana Plantations Limited specializes in the cultivation, manufacture and sale of high-quality tea. The company primarily operates in the ‘High Grown’ districts of Nuwara Eliya and Badulla which fall with the Western and Uva high elevation categories. APL is one of the few mono-crop companies in the plantations sector in Sri Lanka.

Kotagala Plantations PLC is a diversified entity involved in clonal tea cultivation, primarily in the Western high-grown sector, as well as rubber and oil palm cultivation. They also maintain a smaller but valuable tea extent in the low country.

Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd (Unicom) focuses on the processing and exporting of tea, along with other traditional and non-traditional products.

Rubber & Allied (Products) Ltd specializes in the manufacture and supply of natural rubber Centrifuged Latex to the local market.

Waverly Power (Pvt) Ltd is engaged in the generation of hydro power and supplies it to the National Grid of the Ceylon Electricity Board.

These operating companies with the Lankem Plantations sector collectively contribute to the diverse activities and offerings of the overall group, each playing a vital role in their respective areas of expertise.