Our Rubber

Kotagala Plantations, one of the plantation companies in the Lankem Plantartions group is a major producer of Natural Rubber in the country. with a production of about 4 million kilograms of Rubber per anum, we are one of the largest producers in the country and account for about 4% of the Island’s total production.

Our company has a total rubber extent of 5200 hectares of which about 4700 hectares in production, the balance extent being immature plantation. Natural rubber has recovered from a prolonged slump and rubber prices have stabilized from about the year 2005. Current International prices are at peak levels and the market is expected to remain strong for some time in the future.

Sri Lanka’s share of the international rubber market is small and as one of the major producers of Natural Rubber in Sri Lanka We have always been of the firm view that for the relatively small quantity of rubber produced in the country, We should move away from the marketing of rubber as a commodity and move in to the presentation and marketing of Natural Rubber as a technically specified industrial raw material to meet the specifications and requirements of the end user.

Our manufacturing units are now equipped and ready to manufacture technically specified Natural Rubber and are in the fore front of the Lankaprene initiative and work closely with ADB assisted Rubber Cluster production.