Our Rubber

Crepe Rubber

Crepe rubber is highly flexible and exhibits excellent elasticity. This natural flexibility allows it to conform to the shape of objects or surfaces, making it ideal for sealing applications, gaskets, and other uses where a tight fit is required. Further, crepe rubber is considered an eco-friendly material. It is derived from sustainable sources, as natural rubber is obtained from rubber trees in a renewable and environmentally conscious manner. This makes crepe rubber a preferred choice for those seeking sustainable alternatives in various industries.

Sole Crepe

Sole crepe, is a type of rubber material used in the manufacturing of shoe soles. It is made from natural rubber, specifically the coagulated latex sap obtained from rubber trees. Sole crepe is known for its distinctive characteristics that make it highly desirable for footwear applications. It has a soft, cushioned feel and excellent shock absorption properties, providing comfort and support to the wearer. The natural flexibility of sole crepe allows for ease of movement and a more natural walking experience. Sole crepe is a preferred choice for many shoe manufacturers and wearers alike due to its combination of comfort, flexibility, traction, and visual appeal.

Centrifuge latex

Centrifuge latex, also known as centrifuged latex or centrifugally concentrated latex, is a specialized form of natural latex that has undergone a centrifugation process to separate it from other components. It is primarily used in the manufacturing of latex-based products such as gloves, condoms, balloons, and various medical devices.